VERITAS Charter School Curriculum

Children Learning Together

VERITAS uses the Core Knowledge Curriculum based on ideas presented by E.D. Hirsch, Jr. In each grade students are exposed to a broad range of historical, scientific, and cultural topics that build on one another to prepare them for educational success. For more information, visit

In our PE classes, we use the SPARK Curriculum, which guides students toward enjoying and seeking out physical activity, developing and maintaining acceptable levels of physical fitness, and learning so much more about the mind-body connection and how it impacts them in the classroom and in life in general. For more information, visit

We teach the Peaceful Classroom Curriculum to give students the tools they need to resolve conflict within themselves and with other people. For more information, visit

Child Find Efforts in North Carolina and the Department of Public Instruction: North Carolina has a continuing Child Find procedure to locate all children with disabilities residing in the State, including children with disabilities attending private schools, regardless of the severity of their disability, and who are in need of special education and related services. This effort also includes highly mobile children with disabilities (such as migrant and homeless children) or children who are suspected of being a child with a disability and in need of special education, even if they’ve advanced grade levels. The purpose of this procedure is to enhance public understanding of exceptional children and youth with special needs, to identify and locate the children and youth and to inform the public of available services. The collection and use of data to meet the requirements of Child Find are subject to the confidentiality requirements.

In VERITAS Community School, CFA a poster and brochures are available to the public regarding NCDPI’s efforts to provide information to parents, grandparents, and guardians about the Child Find Process. For more information regarding this effort, please select the following link: Child Find – NCDPI.