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If you’d like to teach in an innovative school with a focus on health and wellness, follow the steps on this page today!

Our teaching staff must possess a passion for VERITAS’ mission and a willingness to work hard to ensure that every student is challenged appropriately and empowered to become the very best version of themselves, academically, physically, and socio-emotionally. Team members will be passionate, enthusiastic, driven, hard-working, adaptable, and optimistic people who are excited to do whatever it takes to fulfill VERITAS Community School’s mission and vision.

For a teacher to be a good fit at VERITAS, we look for educators who believe and embody characteristics necessary to teach within our Three Pillars:  Targeted Academics, Health and Wellness, and the Peaceful Classroom.  This includes teachers who:

  • Love to learn along with their students.
  • Use data to drive instruction.
  • Believe that health and wellness are directly linked to academic achievement.
  • Are excited to create opportunities for movement to facilitate learning.
  • Are committed to teaching conflict resolution skills.
  • Believe that EVERY child is unique and deserves a quality education.

Please submit the following documents in the form below: your resume, a current list of references, and a cover letter that describes how your educational philosophy fits with the VERITAS Community School, CFA mission and vision.

Once a candidate advances successfully through these steps, he/she will undergo a criminal background check and a review of citizenship or eligible status. Pending the results of the background and reference checks, the Head of School will seek Board approval for hiring.